Dependable, Certifiable & Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Critical Systems

The DEEL project involves academic and industrial partners in the development of dependable, robust, explainable and certifiable artificial intelligence technological bricks applied to critical systems. 

Recent progress in Artificial Intelligence, especially in machine learning, has aroused unprecedented interest in these technologies. Many industrial sectors are now considering using them. However, this has led to strong scientific obstacles. Machine learning, especially deep neural networks, can perform well enough to consider critical applications such as autonomous vehicles, predictive maintenance, and medical diagnosis, but their theoretical properties are not well-known yet. These scientific challenges make it difficult to meet the industrial constraints required for a general application such as certification, qualification and explainability of algorithms. It is from these observations that the DEEL Project emerged in September 2017.

In early 2018, DEEL became transatlantic with the involvement of the CRIAQ (Consortium for Research and Innovation in Aerospace in Québec) and IVADO (The Institute for Data Valorization).  

Million of total Budget

IVADO, IRT Saint Exupéry, IID, CRIAQ and ANITI organized the 5th edition of MobiliT.AI forum on May 28 and 29 2024.

MobiliT.AI is an international event that brings together a community of experts in Artificial Intelligence for critical systems in the field of transport and mobility (aeronautics, automotive, rail, space, drones, etc.). This community is made of academic, industrial and tech researchers, as well as experts in operational safety and critical embedded systems engineering.