The organizations involved in the DEEL project disseminate a newsletter : the DEEL MAG, aimed at publicizing and sharing the research work, publications and progress of interest of the various DEEL research teams.

DEEL Mag #011_2021 06

• Conference on CVPR : Achieving robustness in classification using optimal transport with hinge regularization
• Detecting out-of-distribution (OOD)
• Focus on a PhD student, Louis BETHUNE
• Detecting decision boundaries ans mislabeled data through influence functions

• MobiliT.AI 2021 Forum : A success for this 2nd event

DEEL Mag #010_2021 04

• A new dynamis in IRT Saint Exupéry Canada
• Finding the place of formal methods in AI
• Focus on a PhD student, Thomas FEL
• The DEEL projet on the Quebec side

DEEL Mag #09_2021 03

• RLVS reinforcement learning virtual school
• Detecting biais in image models by clustering
• Results of three activitees presneted by the certification workgroup
• DEEL QC Dsicussion Group

DEEL Mag #08_2021 01

• Workshop "Machine learning in certified systems"
• NDT datasey for out of distribution (OOD) detection
• Detecting out-of-distribution (OOD) samples via variational auto-encoder
• Exploring decision function frontier to improve interpretability and robustness of deep neural network using GAN and VAE frameworks

DEEL Mag #07_2020 12

• Fairness seen as a global sensivity analysis
• Workshop "Machine learning in certified systems"
• Plateaus, local minima, and global minima of deep linear networks
• Major DEEL events : "the Carrefour DEEL & MobiliT.AI"

DEEL Mag #06_2020 09

• A new partnership for a major catalyst for AI projects
• AI certification work group : from the blank to a white paper
• Assessing the relevance of attribution-based explanation methods
• Deep reinforcement learning @Montréal

DEEL Mag #05_2020 07

• Snapshot on ANITI education Program
• Learning disentangled representation for neural network interpretability
• Collaborative tools, datasets management & open-sourcing

DEEL Mag #04_2020 05

• IRT SAint Exupéry Canada
• Focus on a PhD student, Joachim BONA-PELISSIER
• Electronic components dataset

DEEL Mag #03_2020 03

• IRT Saint Exupéry mobilized
• AI Safety landscape, SAFEAI and AAAI-2020 Conference
• Lipschitz neural network library
• Focus on a PhD student, David BERTOIN

DEEL Mag #02_2020 02

• DEEL at ERTS 2020 in Toulouse on January
• AI certification mission
• Landcover data set
• Explainability challenge

DEEL Mag #01_2019 01

• DEEL Quebec : 100% funded
• Focus on fairness challenge
• Focus on blinking dataset
• MobiliT.AI 2020 will take place in Toulouse on May 26-27