Les Carrefours DEEL France Québec

The Carrefour DEEL are virtual seminars, offered monthly for partners and collaborators of the project, and presented jointly by the teams of the France and Quebec components of the initiative. 

These meetings, organized by the IRT Saint Exupéry and IID of Université Laval, allow the DEEL research teams to present research work, orientations and results of both the Quebec and France components of the project.

These are valuable opportunities for networking and discussion, which bring together the project stakeholders on a regular basis from a transatlantic perspective.

The next seminar will be on :

November 4th

Certification Mission

The group is composed of twenty-five specialists in the fields of certification, dependability, Artificial Intelligence, and more generally, embedded systems development. Industrial members represent the domains of aeronautics (AirbusSafranThalesScalianDGAOneraApsys), railway (SNCF), and automotive (ContinentalRenault). Some members of the workgroup are involved in both the AVSI and the SOTIF projects, and EUROCAE WG114.

The goal is twofold: point out the major challenges or, possibly, blocking points that could prevent the adoption of ML techniques in the domains, and propose new approaches to address these challenges.

The next certification mission will be on :

November 24th-25th